SmartWatch 2 – HUAWEI another shot on smart watches

Huawei is back and yes with new plan. On a whole, it’s a pretty straight forward proposition. The new wearable looks a lot like its predecessor, which Huawei claims has been a good seller. Naturally, the sequel runs Android Wear 2.0, one of the first devices to offer the long-awaited wearable OS since its launch earlier this month.

It sports a pair of navigation buttons on the right side, but skips the dial altogether – a strange oversight, given the fact that the control scheme was one of the big additions to the latest version of Wear, bringing quicker navigation through the small screen’s menus and bringing Android up to speed with watchOS and Samsung’s Tizen off-shoot.
Watch comes with Sapphire screen for Gorilla Glass. Huawei admits that bringing the watch’s weight down was a driving force in the design process.

The watch comes in two versions – the Watch 2 and Watch 2 Classic, both of which maintain a similar form factor, though the Classic features a metallic body. The Watch 2 also sports an LTE option, taking advantage of one of Android Wear 2.0’s biggest addition; allowing users to wear the thing unbound from their phone

Battery life does factor in pretty heavily in Huawei’s sales pitch, though. The company promises 25 days on a charge. There are some pretty massive prerequisite to that claim, of course – the biggest being that it’s part of a new “Watch Mode” feature, which essentially turns it into a dumb watch. From there, you can track the steps and check the time – and that’s basically it.

The watch straps are swappable – always a plus. The Classic uses a standard 22mm lug, so they can be switched out with third-party bands. The Watch 2’s band meanwhile, has less give, but can still be changed out

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