Join Tweetmeet on 21 March ,to hear from 8 Exceptional Educators

Join Live TweetMeet on 21 March in Toronto, Microsoft to hear educators from around the world about empowering students with technology.

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Eight hosts from various countries will be sharing there innovative ideas and experiences through lectures In TweetMeet while creating an opportunity for students to learn and make their future plans.

The TweetMeet, to be held at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. PT, don’t miss.

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Head over to the Microsoft Education blog for more information and a list of advance TweetMeet questions.

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Sony may introduce Wireless Charge Sharing between devices

Growing number of mobile/remote gadgets have signified the value of remote power in shape of batteries and power banks. Almost every other device, starting from mobile phones to cameras, laptop, mouse, Video games etc, is powered with a portable battery. We can not keep them connected to a socket for charging  all the times.

Wireless charging concept was conceived to eradicate the factor of connecting devices to the Socket as it limits the maneuverability of device, making it difficult to use while connected. In coming times we foresee 100 percent reliance on gadgets powered by battery.

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Tech is growing with a high pace, a Patent filed by Sony indicates that in near future we may have a mechanism of wireless power transfer from other compatible battery powered devices. The idea will probably work on principle of antenna like NFC chips and wifi hotspot, which provides the ability to connect to nearby devices for data transfer. Using the same science, the power will also be transferable from the nearby devices we choose.

Patent did not specify for smartphones, that means this capability, when comes, will be available to all compatible devices.

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This will enable us to share charge of our devices specially smartphones with our friends in need. We will also be able to steal power from our compatible household devices.

We are living in an era, technologically so advanced that eyes really don’t believe what we see, yet so much to come. Until technology enables us to steal power from our home appliances while sitting on sofa and not connecting our device to the socket, we can rely on wireless charging facility, Samsung already featuring and rumors are there for Apple to include too.

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Intel buys Mobileye for $15.3 billion deal

Computing Giant, Intel has confirmed to be in agreement to shop for Israeli technology firm Mobileye, a leader in computer vision for autonomous driving technology, for $14-$15 billion. Company was found in 1999 with a mission to cut back vehicle injuries and fatalities. Mobileye listed in 2014 on the NY Stock Market

 “Under the terms of the agreement, a subsidiary of Intel will commence a tender offer to acquire all of the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of Mobileye for $63.54 per share in cash, representing a fully-diluted equity value of approximately $15.3 billion and an enterprise value of $14.7 billion,” the company noted in a statement. The deal is expected to close in about nine months, Intel said.

A report from website of TheMarker, an associate Israeli monetary newspaper, indicates the acquisition of the company by Intel will be the biggest ever for associate Israeli sophisticated company. Mobileye at present is one of the leading provider of collision-avoidance automotive device systems. It covers a range of technology and services, including sensor fusion, front- and rear-facing camera tech , mapping, crowdsourcing data for high-definition maps, as well as driving policy intelligence underlying driving decisions. That indicates the wide spread coverage onof tech in automobile industry with a strong vision. This Acquisition is expected to take the vision to another level with much of the enhancements ecxpected in the services. 

Mobileye’s CTO and co-founder Amnon Shashua mentions that company is working with 27 car manufacturers, including 10 production programs with Audi, BMW and others going into 2017. With respect to BMW, area units of the two firms are already collaborating on a project, to place a fleet of around forty self-driving check vehicles on the road untill mid of this year. BMW proclaimed its partnership with the 2 companies in Gregorian calendar month, with a goal of developing the potential of introducing absolutely autonomous vehicles to the market by 2021.

Analysts are considering this a healthy move.

“We expect the growth towards autonomous driving to be transformative. It will provide consumers with safer, more flexible, and less costly transportation options, and provide incremental business model opportunities for our automaker customers,” Ziv Aviram, Mobileye co-founder, president and CEO, added. “By pooling together our infrastructure and resources, we can enhance and accelerate our combined know-how in the areas of mapping, virtual driving, simulators, development tool chains, hardware, data centers and high-performance computing platforms. Together, we will provide an attractive value proposition for the automotive industry.”

.Source: Techcrunch

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