Lenovo to Release Moto Mods and Compatible Smartphones

Lenovo Moto believes that the module support can be the new revolution in smartphones, but the experiment of LG wasn’t that successful when they launched LG G5 with module support. The flagship didn’t perform as predicted and later LG had to stop module support in its flagship LG G6 which has hit the market without modular.

However Motorola since taken over by Lenovo 2 years back, has not yet come up with much of smartphones, but now has announced that they will produce different mods and compatible Motorola smartphones. Three different Mods alongwith a high end smartphone by Motorola are already available in the market and Moto claims that they are doing good.

“We have so far sold three million units of the smartphone…50% people bought the phones with a Mod,”    Lenovo’s General Manager Middle East for Smartphones Sharay Shams said in a recent interview.

moto mods 2

He shared some further plans that Lenovo will be introducing 12 new Moto Mods this year. And will be maintaining the supported smartphones in market with module support for three years. This announcement however gives a relief that the phones will continue for some time and will not be discontinued like LG G5.

“The company will introduce 12 Mods this year, which will remain compatible with the phones to be introduced by the company over the next three years,” Shams said.

The major consideration for the success of Moto Mods can be the controlled price and continued supportability. It seems that Lenovo is determined for the supportability. The cost perspective is yet to come, let’s see how expensive the devices will be.

What I think is that giving supportability for three years will set a positive pace for the Moto Mods in market  The exact trend will be revealed after three years. This can be a way head towards new kind of smart phones or it can also be a fail experiment. Lenovo claims that they have innovated Mods (attachable external gadgets), which has transformed the smartphones into what you want to make it and when.

Let the time decide the fate.

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