Play tiny GameBoy emulator on your Apple Watch Screen

Remember those days when snake game on a tiny screen of a Nokia phones was a fun?  Fun is something anyone can imagine at any place using any available resources. With fast growth of cellphone technology, screens have gone wider and wider, giving us more roam to play huge games on large screen using high speed compatible processors and memory.

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Yet, even in the presence of all these extraordinary Smartphones, Tablets, Phablets, Laptops, Xbox and Gaming Consoles, we are able to see a game running on a tiny wearable. Yes, its Apple watch 2, a wearable with a tiny screen, extremely impractical gaming device, but Gabrel O’Flaherty-Chan made a Game Boy Emulator for it.

The game boy emulator is named after Pokémon’s Giovanni, the wrist-worn Game Boy emulator crams Nintendo’s original gaming portable into an Apple Watch Series 2. It doesn’t play the games at full speed but it is fully functional. To start the game buttons are given underneath the game display. You can swipe right, left, Up and down on the screen and to press A, you need to press the right side of the watch’s face.

Apple watchOS didn’t use any of such graphics design, so it wasn’t an easy task to keep it moving on the watch. Yet the project is a neat proof of concept.

Does,t seem that the game will make it to the app store, But if u want to try it you can always download it at GitHub link.

Though you need very tiny fingers to enjoy it fully, it does not have a key pad attached beneath like a Nokia phone.

Via engadget 

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STRAVA Now Available for Apple Watch Series 2 with GPS Support

STRAVA, popular app by STRAVA inc. for running and cycling, released a new update (5.13.0), which can now access the inbuilt GPS of the Apple Watch Series 2 and help you track your fitness activities.

Tracking of fitness activities needed some focus of developers on the apple watch as fitness watch is always a handy wearable as compared to sticking a mobile on your arm or pocket which will keep bothering you all the time you spend for fitness. The STRAVA has stepped in with a development in this domain and has given a handy tool for tracking the fitness activities while utilizing sensors of a multipurpose watch from a well reputed brand.

Monitoring and Tracking fitness activities has always been an issue of core importance as the reliability of the sensors (like accelerometer, heart beat sensor and GPS) is very important. If these sensors are not giving accurate readings then the whole purpose of the device dies. Moreover you will never want to risk your health just because of false readings from your device or watch. For the same purpose many dedicated watches like TomTom and Garmin are already available in market and maintain good reputation for the sensors. However this App on Apple Watch Series 2 will give you the leverage of skipping a dedicated watch. Apple is known for authenticity and quality of their products. Since, STRAVA uses sensors and GPS of Apple Watch Series 2 then you won’t find a reason to buy a dedicated watch for tracking your running or bicycling.

The App will be giving you information of distance, pace, speed, elevation gained and calories burned as well as interactive map of your activity. Moreover you will also be able to set challenges for yourself and with your friends. You can follow friends and training buddies to monitor, like and comment on their activities. You can also showcase the best moments of your run or ride. Set some competition with friends and also share your activities on facebook, Instagram and twitter.

strava 2

Apple Watch Series 2 users can easily install the app from iTunes and enjoy their running and cycling adventures letting STRAVA monitoring and tracking for them.

App is already compatible and running on other devices of Apple like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App requires iOS 9.3 or later. Available in multiple languages.

NOTE: Continues running of GPS in background may result in decreased battery life.

Do let us know your opinion and experience of STRAVA on Apple Watch. Do you think it can be a replacement for dedicated activity monitoring watches like TomTom Spark 3 and Garmin Forerunner 230 etc.

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